Ferries are a type of watercraft used to carry and transport people and/or vehicles across bodies of water. They can be either passenger ferries or car ferries, and they come in various sizes and shapes. Often they can be used for both commercial and recreational purposes.

Fincantieri’s Fleet of Ferries

Our ferries are versatile, high-capacity fleets and fit short to medium distances. They feature both indoor and outdoor seating options and the latest onboard amenities.

Passenger and Vehicle Ferry

The Fincantieri Passenger and Vehicle Ferry’s are versatile ferries that can transport 150 passengers and 20 vehicles. These ferries are perfect for short to medium distances and feature both indoor and outdoor seating options and various onboard amenities.

400-Passenger Catamaran

The Fincantieri catamaran ferry is designed for high-speed coastal service and can accommodate up to 400 passengers. It features a stylish and contemporary design, with an aft deck that can be used for outdoor dining or relaxation and provide excellent views of the surrounding scenery.

Staten Island Ferry

The Fincantieri Staten island ferry is designed to provide New Yorkers with a fast and reliable way to commute between Staten Island and Manhattan. The ferry can accommodate up to 4,400 passengers and 30 vehicles.

Why Choose Fincantieri Marine Group

Since 1902, Fincantieri Marine Group has been designing and constructing some of the world's most advanced marine vessels.

Fincantieri Marine Group is a leading manufacturer of ferries. We offer a wide range of ferries, from small passenger ferries to large cargo ferries.

Our ferries are built to the highest standards, backed by our world-class customer service. We also offer a wide range of ferry repair and ferry maintenance services, so you can be sure your ferry will always be in top condition. Contact us today for more details.


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