Wind Farm

A wind farm support vessel, also known as a wind farm Service Operation Vessel (SOV), is a specialized vessel type used to install and maintain wind turbines in offshore wind farms.

At Fincantieri Marine Group, we build SOV’s with the latest technology to support working wind farms. They are built to operate safely in any environment and withstand severe weather conditions.

Fincantieri’s Wind Farm Support Vessel

Our SOV is designed to support offshore wind farms, ensure the wind turbines operate safely at sea, and provide comfortable accommodations for the crew on board. These vessels are used to transport personnel and equipment to and from the wind farm location and provide maintenance and other support services. Fincantieri Marine Group is at the forefront of this growing industry.

Benefits of Wind Farm Support Operation Vessel

The Fincantieri Marine Group is renowned for designing and constructing wind farm support operation vessels around the globe. Our unique designs offer several advantages over traditional vessels, including:

  • Walk-to-work systems: System to allow the safe transfer of technicians and equipment from the ship to the wind tower in severe environment conditions.
  • Dynamic positioning system: Vessel propulsion and maneuvering system that holds a vessel on position in rough seas.
  • Technical accommodations: High-end shipboard accommodations to provide for a well-rested and ready crew to service the wind farms.
  • Advanced navigation and communications systems: Wind farm support vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communications systems, which allow them to safely and efficiently navigate to and from the wind farm site.

We Are The Industry Leaders In Wind Farm Support Vessels

When it comes to choosing a partner to build your wind farm support vessel, there is no better choice than Fincantieri Marine Group.

Our company’s experience in building large, complex vessels will be invaluable in the construction of a new class of ships designed to support the growing offshore wind industry.

Fincantieri Marine Group can pull from its international expertise to construct these specialized vessels efficiently while meeting the highest standards for quality and safety here in the U.S.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your offshore wind farm needs.


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